Meet the 2022–23 Interns

The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts welcomes its newest intern cohort! This new group of talented graduate students will undergo rigorous training in the field of New Testament textual criticism through reading seminars, text critical assignments, and personal research assignments. They will also have the opportunity to develop their academic interests and communication skills in CSNTM’s collaborative environment. Interns play a vital role in CSNTM’s mission to preserve, share, and study Greek New Testament manuscripts, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to mentor, inspire, and work alongside each of these students.

Ryan Crews

My name is Ryan Crews and I am from St. Louis, Missouri. I originally came to Texas for undergraduate study at Baylor University. I am a third-year ThM student at Dallas Seminary with a concentration in New Testament Studies. Upon graduation, I intend to pursue Ph.D. work in order better serve the church at the intersection of academic research and apologetics. I hope to use the skills and breadth of knowledge gained during the CSNTM internship to help kickstart the next stage of his academic journey.

Sean McGuire

Hello, my name is Sean Daniel McGuire. I lived in Atlanta, Georgia, for most of my life until I moved to Dallas, Texas, with my wife to pursue a MA at Dallas Theological Seminary with a New Testament emphasis. After completing my MA, my goal is to continue my education through doctoral work in Ancient Mediterranean Religions, notably New Testament texts and Early Christian development. Following this goal, I would like to secure a job in the academy, ideally researching and teaching in a university or seminary. I am incredibly grateful to the CSNTM staff for allowing me to be one of the four interns this year. During this internship, I hope to gain a deeper proficiency in New Testament text-critical research and develop the skills needed to contribute to the field of Textual Criticism, the New Testament, and the academy at large.

Sarah Dunn

My name is Sarah Dunn, and I’m from Ridgecrest California, though I’ve lived several years in Washington state as well as West Africa. My emphasis is likely to be New Testament and Creative Writing. I would like to teach biblical languages and exposition in areas where these subjects have not historically been easy to access. During my internship with CSNTM, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the extant New Testament manuscripts, their numbers, the range and nature of variation amongst them, and the different ways that scribes–and, by extension, the church–have engaged with the text of the New Testament over the course of history.

Phillip Lebsack

My name is Phillip James Lebsack. Phillip (from Φιλιππος) means “horse lover” in Greek. James is from the Hebrew יעקב (Jacob), meaning “he who grabs by the heel,” and Lebsack is German for “live pleasantly.” By having Greek, Hebrew, and German in my name, I suppose I was destined to become a textual critic of the Bible. I grew up surrounded by farms, trees, creeks, and hiking trails in rural northwest Arkansas. I was born and raised on a cow farm. In those days I raised cattle to eat. Today I make them into manuscripts, using their skins to make parchment. My emphasis is in both Old Testament and New Testament studies. In short, my goal is to eventually pursue a Ph.D. in textual criticism and to contribute to the field. The longer answer would include the hope of continuing in some way (however small that way may be) the legacy Wallace has created, in terms of study and apologetics. Secondarily, by way of teaching. Personally, I am seeking a life devoted to study for those purposes. Regarding the internship, I hope to acquire some practical experience and guidance towards becoming a better researcher, scholar, and handler of ancient documents.