Ask the Prof: How Many Manuscripts Did Erasmus Use When He Published the First Critical Edition of the Greek New Testament?

How many manuscripts did Erasmus use?

Desiderius Erasmus was a 16th-century scholar especially known for his work preparing Latin and Greek editions of the New Testament. Most notably, he prepared the first critical edition of the Greek New Testament in 1516. (For a reminder on what a “critical edition” of the Greek New Testament is, see this Ask the Prof video.) His Novum Instrumentum Omne set the stage for future editions of the Greek New Testament and translations that would follow. Centuries ago, far fewer manuscripts were available to prepare the edition. Not only did he lack the digital access that aids the textual scholars of today, but many New Testament manuscripts were yet to be discovered. Listen in as our prof shares what manuscripts Erasmus used and how they impacted the early editions of the Greek New Testament.