Support CSNTM while you shop online!

Do you enjoy shopping for Christmas gifts from the comfort of your couch? Or, do you prefer online shopping so that you have more time to pack in festivities in the holiday season? Either way, you can give more than Christmas gifts as you’re scrolling through options of holiday oven mitts for your cookie-baking friend.

When you shop at, Amazon will donate 0.5% on eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. Simply type “The Center for the Research of Early Christian Documents” to find us.

Amazon will only activate donations, though, if you make sure to start at each time you shop. You can also turn AmazonSmile ON in the Amazon Shopping app on your mobile phone.

By simply turning on the AmazonSmile, you’re preserving the accuracy of the New Testament text and ensuring that future generations will be able to know and use New Testament manuscripts—priceless treasures holding words so many hold dear.