2000 Entries in the Digital Manuscript Collection

The number 2002 is an exciting number for us at the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts. 

In the year 2002, Dr. Daniel B. Wallace founded CSNTM to utilize emerging technologies to preserve and study Greek New Testament Manuscripts. Every September we celebrate the anniversary of our team’s decision to locate and digitize Greek New Testament manuscripts and make them widely accessible for study. 

On this particular day, June 21, 2021, the number 2002 holds a different kind of significance. 2002 represents the number of manuscript image sets in the CSNTM digital manuscript collection! 

Physical manuscripts reside in libraries, universities, and monasteries around the world. In a single lifetime, someone with unlimited time and a huge travel budget might be able to view a significant portion of them. Thanks to the CSNTM digital manuscript collection—a resource made possible by a growing community of people like you—anyone may access and study 2002 sets of images of Greek New Testament manuscripts in one location: https://manuscripts.csntm.org/

This link grants anyone with a Web-connected computer the opportunity to view hundreds of thousands of pages of handwritten New Testament text, and discover more about each manuscript and the collections to which each artifact belongs.

We are grateful for the partnership of many institutions who have hosted the CSNTM digitization team as it makes digital images. Similarly, we are grateful for digitizing institutions who have allowed CSNTM to include copies of their digitized manuscripts. Collaboration with other holding and digitizing institutions greatly extends the access of the Greek New Testament text in the scholarly community.

And we are profoundly grateful for partners around the world who share our vision to preserve these priceless treasures, to make these high-resolution images available to all, and to cooperate with other institutes in the great and noble task of determining the wording of the autographa of the New Testament.

Thank you for making this milestone possible: 2002 Greek New Testament manuscripts—and counting!

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