CSNTM Acquires Multi-volume Work on Dated Greek Manuscripts by Kirsopp and Silva Lake

One of the lesser-known things about CSNTM is that we maintain a growing physical library in Plano, TX.

We recently added to our physical holdings Dated Greek Minuscule Manuscripts to the Year 1200, edited by Kirsopp and Silva Lake (Boston: American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1934-1939).

This ten-volume catalogue includes a description and additional information on 401 Greek manuscripts that can be securely dated before A.D. 1200. Not all of these manuscripts are copies of the New Testament, but some are. Because of the necessity of securely-dated manuscripts to assign dates on the basis of handwriting, this work is an important resource for palaeography. 

Another exciting feature of CSNTM’s new acquisition is that our edition of Dated Greek Minuscule Manuscripts to the Year 1200 previously belonged to Ernest Tune and contain some handwritten notes. Annotations by scholars of a previous generation are always insightful, so the fact that we may have Tune’s annotations is doubly-exciting.

All ten volumes and the index are available online at http://pyle.it/facsmiles/lake-online/ with plates of individual manuscripts available in the search feature.

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