You Can Donate Stock to CSNTM, and Now May Be the Time!

Did you know that there are ways to partner financially with CSNTM besides giving cash?

One such way is by giving stocks or bonds. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. For many donors whose assets have increased in value, stock and bond contributions can yield significant tax savings—allowing you to receive the most benefit for your generosity. Now may be the right time for you to make a stock donation. After a year of strong performance and the major U.S. markets hitting record highs, you might be facing capital gains taxes in the future. Making a gift of stock may be a way to invest in the Center’s mission and capitalize (intentional pun) on the impressive yields your own account may have brought you.
  2. Just like a cash gift, donations of stocks or bonds directly support the Center’s mission to digitally preserve Greek New Testament manuscripts. CSNTM stands at the head of the stream of Bible translation and scholarship around the globe. The images we digitize are utilized by scholars to produce new and improved editions of the Greek New Testament; the very editions used by Bible translators, pastors, missionaries, and students to impact the world. Moreover, through initiatives like our internship program, CSNTM has helped train 30% of the past decade’s rising New Testament textual scholars! The true impact is incalculable.

This way to give may be a strategic opportunity for you and your family to meet your giving and financial goals. We know that you give out of the kindness of your heart and because you believe in preserving manuscripts so that we can study the New Testament more. Public tax benefits are one important aspect of determining when and how to give. At CSNTM, we hope the opportunity to give stocks and bonds directly will serve you well. 

We’ve already received our first stock donation—a generous gift worth nearly $500. Will you join this friend and partner with CSNTM with a stock donation?

Here’s how it will work. If you’re interested in giving stock, you can fill out this form or contact Andrew Patton, CSNTM’s Development Manager. He will provide the information and support that you need to execute the transfer from your broker to CSNTM. Once you’ve followed your financial institution’s process for making a transfer, please alert us about the incoming contribution so that we know it is from you. Then the Center will gratefully receive your donation and direct your gift toward our upcoming projects.Andrew Patton(972) 941-4521

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing generosity and commitment toward our mission!

Stock Giving Form

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