Four CSNTM Discoveries Added to the INTF Liste

One of the most exciting aspects of each expedition is discovering new manuscripts. Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, the executive director of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM), personally inspects each manuscript that will be digitized. During this intensive first-hand study of each manuscript, Dr. Wallace has found numerous New Testament manuscripts that were previously unknown to the broader scholarly community. Sometimes these are tucked away inside of a codex along with another manuscript. At other times, an entire codex had not previously been recognized as a NT manuscript.

After making a discovery, CSNTM partners with the Institute for New Testament Textual Research (INTF) to add the new manuscript to the INTF Liste—the official catalogue of all Greek NT manuscripts. This involves assigning the discovery a Gregory-Aland (GA) number, which is the way that scholars commonly refer to each manuscript.

We are glad to announce that INTF has just added four of our discoveries to the Liste. These manuscripts were discovered during our expedition at the National Library of Greece (NLG) in 2015–16. Below is a list of the manuscripts, with both their NLG shelf number and new GA number, along with a brief description of the manuscript.

NLG 118 – GA 2933: One leaf from an eleventh-century minuscule of the Gospels containing an icon of Luke and Luke 1:1–6. It is found in the middle of the codex for GA 785.

NLG 118 Images

Front and back of GA 2933: An Icon of Luke and Luke 1:1-6

NLG 2676 – GA 2934: Two leaves from a thirteenth- or fourteenth-century minuscule of the Apostolos containing parts of 1 John and Acts. It is found inside the covers of the same codex as GA Lect 1813.

NLG 2676 Images

Leaves from GA 2934 at the front and back of the GA Lect 1813 codex

NLG 2771 – GA 2935: Sixteenth-century minuscule of the Gospel of Mark embedded within a codex of other patristic and liturgical writings. The codex is a patchwork and has several different dates cited inside of it. It appears that more than a dozen different scribes may have contributed to making it.

NLG 2771 Image

Beginning of the Gospel of Mark in GA 2935

NLG 3139 – GA 2936: Thirteenth century minuscule dated to 1227/1228 of Paul with commentary by Theophylact.

NLG 3139 Image

Beginning of Galatians in GA 2936

We hope that you will enjoy viewing these newly catalogued manuscripts in our Digital Library. If you would like to read more about them, please see the INTF Virtual Manuscript Room blog here.

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