New Manuscripts from the National Library of Greece

New manuscripts digitized by the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM) have just been added to our searchable collection. These include 10 manuscripts from the National Library of Greece (NLG) in Athens, the site of our ongoing digitization project for 2015–16.New NLG MSS

  • GA 799: 11th century minuscule of the Gospels. The scribe included a triple dot at the end of Mark 16.8, the same pattern that ends the Gospel of Luke. However, he still includes 16.9–20 and ends the book with a cross, the same indicator placed at the end of John.
  • GA 1691: 11th century minuscule of the Gospels.
  • GA 1697: 13th century minuscule of the Gospels written in a hand of “understated elegance,” with prickings visible on the outer edges. The hand and prickings are very uniform.
  • GA Lect 1518: 17th century lectionary of the Gospels and Apostolos. Apparently a well-used, private manuscript.
  • GA Lect 1808: 12th century lectionary of the Gospels. This manuscript contains particularly beautiful headpieces and icons, which are still in good condition. There is an excellent full-size, gilded icon of Jesus Christ prior to the beginning of the Menologion.
  • GA Lect 1810: 16th century lectionary of the Gospels, with “ekthesis enlarged initials in beautiful, pastel colors.”
  • GA Lect 1814: 16th century lectionary of the Gospels. This manuscript appears to have been hardly used.
  • GA Lect 1815: 15th century lectionary of the Gospels and Apostolos.
  • GA Lect 2012: 10th century majuscule lectionary, a bifolio glued to the back inside cover. Portions from Matthew 27 and John 19 are visible.
  • GA Lect 2014: 15th century lectionary of Paul and Apostolos.

These images have now become part of our growing searchable library, which gives everyone free access to the best available digital images of New Testament manuscripts.

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