Expedition: Museum of the Bible

Your matched gift can preserve more Greek New Testament manuscripts. It’s been a very long eighteen months for everyone, and no less so for CSNTM. We used the time wisely, however. During the pandemic shutdown, we carefully evaluated and improved our infrastructure, processes, equipment, and training. We wanted to be sure that when the worldContinue reading Expedition: Museum of the Bible

A Visit Across the Pond

By: Elijah Hixson CSNTM has hit the ground running as travel restrictions have begun to lift. In September, Dan Wallace and I travelled to the United Kingdom, where we visited a few libraries in England. Our purpose was to make some contacts and secure digitization agreements. We hope to return with our equipment to digitizeContinue reading A Visit Across the Pond

The Three Laws, Part II

By: J.R. Watkins Introduction by: Leigh Ann Hyde In Part I of “The Three Laws,” J. R. Watkins describes a well-known variant in the text of 1 Thessalonians in the middle of verse 2:7. The evidence appears to favor one reading— νήπιοι (“babies” or “little children”)—over another found in manuscripts—ἤπιοι (“gentle”). Yet, many biblical scholarsContinue reading The Three Laws, Part II

The Three Laws, Part I

“The three laws are perfect.” Dr. Lanning   By: J. R. Watkins Will Smith’s character “Spooner” in the 2004 film I, Robot faces the enslavement of humanity by AI-driven robots. He asks the droids’ creator—Dr. Lanning—if the three laws which govern all robot behavior are somehow flawed. Lanning responds with the epigraph above. Two thoughts come toContinue reading The Three Laws, Part I

From the Library: GA 69

By: Matt Burks, Guest Contributor As the printing press was being developed and used by Gutenberg in the middle of the 15th century, a New Testament manuscript was produced by a scribe named Emmanuel from Constantinople. The Leicester Codex (GA 69) is a treasure trove of historical uniqueness for what it contains—and what it doesContinue reading From the Library: GA 69

Welcome, Pete Forde!

The staff and leadership of CSNTM welcome Pete Forde, our new Development Director! Pete is an Air Force veteran, a former sales professional, a graduate of DTS and, like many of us, one of Dr. Wallace’s former students. After graduation from seminary in 2003, he served in several church ministry roles, including pastor for thirteenContinue reading Welcome, Pete Forde!

David Flood II Photo

Welcome, David Flood II

By: Laura Peisker Bandy and Mark W Gaither We’re excited to announce that David Flood, II has joined the CSNTM team as a new Lead Research Fellow! A former CSNTM intern (2017–2018) and a current Ph.D. candidate at the University of Edinburgh, we are very fortunate to welcome him back and we look forward toContinue reading Welcome, David Flood II