200 New Manuscripts Added to Our Library

We have just added 200 new manuscripts to our digital library from St. Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai, Egypt. All of these manuscripts were taken on microfilm in 1950 by the Library of Congress, assisted by dozens of scholars from various institutions. This was a vast and important project, and you can read more about it here. These images are publicly available on the Library of Congress website. You can search within the collection, which also contains writings by church fathers and liturgical documents, by going here.

The St. Catherine’s manuscripts will now show up in manuscript queries using our website’s search functionality. We have also posted links to each manuscript below, organized by date. We hope you enjoy exploring this collection further through our website. This is part of fulfilling our mission to make the best available images of Greek New Testament manuscripts accessible to everyone.

10th Century or Earlier

GA 1203GA 1220GA 1223GA 1225GA 1880GA Lect 844GA Lect 845GA Lect 846GA Lect 847GA Lect 848GA Lect 849GA Lect 907GA Lect 909GA Lect 1269GA Lect 1270GA Lect 1272GA Lect 2211

11th Century 

GA 1187GA 1188 (11th-12th)GA 1191 (11th-12th)GA 1192GA 1194GA 1195GA 1207GA 1209GA 1210GA 1211GA 1212GA 1214GA 1216GA 1219GA 1221GA 1222GA 1243GA 1244GA 1878GA 1879GA Lect 300GA Lect 851GA Lect 853GA Lect 859GA Lect 863GA Lect 864GA Lect 865GA Lect 870GA Lect 875GA Lect 877GA Lect 1267GA Lect 1268GA Lect 1356GA Lect 1401GA Lect 1442GA Lect 1443GA Lect 1750

12th Century

GA 1186GA 1190GA 1193GA 1197GA 1198GA 1199GA 1200GA 1204GA 1217GA 1218GA 1224GA 1227 (12th-14th)GA 1228GA 1230GA 1231GA 1240GA 1241GA 1245GA Lect 809GA Lect 850GA Lect 852GA Lect 854GA Lect 855GA Lect 856GA Lect 858GA Lect 860GA Lect 861GA Lect 866GA Lect 867GA Lect 869GA Lect 871GA Lect 876GA Lect 878GA Lect 891GA Lect 901GA Lect 911GA Lect 912GA Lect 916GA Lect 1364GA Lect 1365GA Lect 1405GA Lect 1439GA Lect 1753GA Lect 1754GA Lect 1755GA Lect 1771

13th Century

GA 1201GA 1205GA 1206GA 1208GA 1213GA 1215GA 1226GA 1229GA 1238GA 1242GA 1251GA 1255GA 1256GA 2499 (13th-14th)GA 2502GA Lect 862GA Lect 880GA Lect 896GA Lect 902GA Lect 903GA Lect 904GA Lect 910GA Lect 1440GA Lect 1441GA Lect 1590GA Lect 1752GA Lect 1773GA Lect 1774

14th Century

GA 1185GA 1189GA 1196GA 1234GA 1235GA 1236GA 1248GA 1249GA 1252GA 1254GA 1877GA 1881GA 2085GA 2086GA 2355GA 2356GA 2492GA 2493GA 2494GA 2503GA Lect 887GA Lect 888GA Lect 889GA Lect 1470GA Lect 1593GA Lect 1594GA Lect 1756GA Lect 1757GA Lect 1763GA Lect 1764GA Lect 1765GA Lect 1770

15th Century or Later

GA 1202GA 1232GA 1233GA 1237GA 1239GA 1247GA 1250GA 1253GA 1876GA 2495GA 2496GA 2497GA 2501GA Lect 610GA Lect 874GA Lect 885GA Lect 886GA Lect 890GA Lect 892GA Lect 893GA Lect 894GA Lect 897GA Lect 914GA Lect 1281GA Lect 1282GA Lect 1283GA Lect 1284GA Lect 1436GA Lect 1471GA Lect 1591GA Lect 1592GA Lect 1595GA Lect 1749GA Lect 1758GA Lect 1759GA Lect 1761GA Lect 1762GA Lect 1766GA Lect 1767GA Lect 1768GA Lect 1769GA Lect 1772

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