Accordance Releases New Module Featuring CSNTM Images

Jeff Hargis

January 10, 2011

The biblical software company Accordance has announced the release of a new module featuring images from CSNTM. The module was unveiled at the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2010. The module includes images of four manuscript facsimiles and one actual manuscript held by the Center: Sinaiticus (01), Alexandrinus (02), Vaticanus (03, pseudo-facsimile), Washingtonianus (032), and GA 2882, the last owned by CSNTM.

These images can be added straight into Accordance software, and they are already fully indexed. They can also be compared side by side within a workspace; using this module, the user can view the more than 1,300 images alongside additional resources including an electronic text, the apparatus generated by the Center for New Testament Textual Studies, and Philip W. Comfort’s New Testament Text and Translation Commentary. Since the modules are stored locally on your own computer, there is no need to wait for the images to download from the Internet.

The New Testament Manuscripts Image Collection module retails for $179. For more information on this new module, see the informative blog post by Rick Bennett.

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