You’re invited to join us for some delicious discussion about the New Testament text and manuscripts over lunch!

CSNTM will be hosting Lunch and Learn events five times this year (see the schedule below) from noon to 1 pm at the Hope Center in Plano, TX. Each time a staff member will teach on a topic related to the New Testament, its history, the text, and the manuscripts. Space is limited to 25 participants for each lunch event and 60 participants for each evening event. The registration fee includes lunch and any learning materials.

We recently added an Evening Edition of the event which will provide the same presentation presented at the previous Lunch and Learn but will occur from 6:00–7:00 pm at the Hope Center. We hope that friends who could not attend during the lunch hour will be able to join us for the evening event. As with the lunch event, a small registration fee will cover your meal and any learning materials.

2023 Lunch & Learn Events Schedule

DateTime & LocationTopic
March 712:00–1:00 pm
@the Hope Center Loft
“How did we get the New Testament?”
April 46:00–7:00 pm (Evening Edition)
@the Hope Center Ballroom
“How did we get the New Testament?”
May 212:00–1:00 pm
@the Hope Center Loft
The Autographs: the Letters and Writings that Started it All
June 2712:00—1:00 pm
@the Hope Center Loft
Scribes and Sacred Communities: Passing on the Text from One Generation to the Next
September 1212:00—1:00 pm
@the Hope Center Loft
Table of Contents: What is Inside New Testament Manuscripts?
November 712:00—1:00 pm
@the Hope Center Loft
“What is New Testament textual criticism?”

If you have any questions about the Lunch and Learn events, contact Todd Leibovitz at